Sunset Springers

European English Springer Spaniels
Our Story
Our family lives on a one acre property in South Florida. We have a lot of space, for being in the city, for our animals to explore.

About 17 years ago my husband and I walked into a puppy shop, just for fun, and we fell in love with a liver and white female Springer puppy. We went home to think about it, because we already had a dog at home. We could not get her cute face out of our head, so we went back to get her that same day. We did not know anything about the breed, and had never seen a Springer before, but we knew there was something special about her. The next day we found out she was very sick and had to take her to the vet. We had to spend twice as much in vet bills as what we paid for her to save her life, but she was worth it. She was part of our family for 14 years. We learned that this special breed is so loving and willing to please. Even when she got older, and her back legs were giving out on her she would struggle to get up to be by my side. She was a part of my four children's lives as they were growing  up and two of my three grandchildren got to love and hug her. Our Kayla will never be forgotten.

We decided to get another Springer after she passed away and could not find a local breeder. We started our breeding program with a mix of bench and field English Springers. We had experience breeding German Shepherds and Labradors.. We do not make a living from selling our puppies. We want them to go to loving forever homes and for the new owners to keep in touch with us as their puppy grows. 

We are animal lovers and not only enjoy the company of our  dogs, but also our Paso Fino and Rocky Mountain horses, Holland Lop and Netherland Dwarf bunnies, several different kinds of parrots and our ferrets and marmosets monkeys.

 All of our puppies are raised indoors and are then transitioned ourdoors at 4 to 5 weeks.

We have decided to only breed Springers from European lines. That is why we have imported our future breeders from a very well known kennel in Poland. Our dogs come from show lines and they come from Champion lineage. We are also showing our dogs in conformation shows. We are very excited about our future champions.
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